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Brain Injury Support & Care in Essex

At Butterflys, we understand that those living with brain injuries often require specialist care and regular supervision. Therefore, it is important that those who need to access the right care and resources can do so. At Butterflys Care Group, we pride ourselves on giving expert care to those living with brain injuries across Essex and, therefore, ensuring that all of our care receivers experience the best quality of life possible.

Understanding Acquired Brain Injuries

An acquired brain injury refers to any type of brain injury that happens after birth. In Essex, somebody is admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury approximately every 58 minutes. Typical types of acquired brain injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), strokes, brain tumours, anoxic episodes, haemorrhages, hypoxic-ischemic injuries (sometimes known as stagnant anoxia), meningitis and other infections.

Many of these types of brain injury will require a significant amount of care, some involving more specific requirements depending on the type of brain injury that has occurred. Brain injuries can also trigger several emotional responses, such as anxiety and depression, as well as inappropriate emotional reactions. This reflects the importance of receiving the right type of care for successful rehabilitation, managing symptoms or improving quality of life.

How We Can Help

At Butterflys, we have a team of dedicated care staff, known as ‘Champions’, who specialise in brain injury aftercare. Our Champions aim to help both patients and family carers, ensuring that the recipient of our care services receives the specific support they need, through holistic care plans, which give a personalised approach for every individual.

Through our in-home support services, we can support care receivers through the following ways;

  • Personal Care - Such as bathing, dressing and oral hygiene assistance

  • Mobility Assistance - Such as transferring from bed to chair and walking assistance

  • Medication Management - Such as reminding clients to take medication on time

  • Medical Monitoring - Such as keeping track of vital signs and health status reporting

  • Meal Preparation - Such as planning and cooking nutritious meals

  • Housekeeping - Such as light cleaning, laundry and changing bed linens

  • Companionship and Emotional Support - Such as providing emotional reassurance

  • Respite Care for Family Caregivers - Providing relief for family members caring for a loved one at home

  • Assistance with Daily Living Tasks - Such as shopping for groceries and handling mail

  • Transportation - Such as driving clients to appointments and public transport assistance

Acquired Brain Injury Care Services

Available to those needing care across Essex, our dedicated and friendly staff provide care to those who need extra brain injury support but who would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. This service is ideal for someone who wants to retain their independence, but who needs extra assistance in areas such as mobility support, personal care and daily task assistance.

We offer a variety of flexible and affordable in-home care packages, from 15 minutes a day, to up to 24 hours, all tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

Supported living is not just a service - it is a commitment to helping each resident achieve their fullest potential. We believe in the power of tailored support and community engagement to transform lives, providing a nurturing environment for every recipient of care. Those living with acquired brain injuries may require round-the-clock supervision, so this service is ideal for them, allowing them access to carers as and when they’re needed.

We have both single-occupancy and shared living accommodations available, depending on the personal preferences of every individual.

Butterfly's Care Homes offers personalised respite services for both residents and carers in Essex. We work closely with you and your dependent to give both of you the peace of mind you need to relax and recharge and allow you to take a break from primary care duties for flexible amounts of time. We particularly understand the needs of those who have brain injuries, so you can rest assured knowing expert care services are being provided.

Overnight care services are an essential component of comprehensive care for individuals with brain injuries, ensuring their safety, comfort, and well-being during the night. These services are designed to provide continuous support and supervision, addressing any medical or personal needs that may arise after hours. Overnight care is particularly important for individuals with more severe brain injuries who may require close monitoring and assistance.

We offer walking night care, where the carer stays awake overnight to provide necessary care, and also sleeping night care, where the carer will assist with needs before bed, sleeping in the home overnight (but can be woken through the night if needed).

Why Choose Butterflys As Your Care Provider?

We are incredibly proud of the level of care we offer from our highly professional, family-run care group. Since 2004 we have been caring for, getting to know, and learning from our clients. We offer;

  • A team of fully-trained, highly qualified carers.

  • The freedom to talk to us and give us feedback. We value any suggestions that will improve our care packages even further.

  • An online portal to allow families to feel part of their loved one’s care and have access to view care notes.

  • Continuity of care from our local sites, so you will quickly become familiar with your local Butterfly’s carers. We never use agency carers as we know how important it is to see a friendly, familiar face!

Get In Touch to Discuss How We Can Support a Loved One With an Acquired Brain Injury

If you’re looking for care services to support someone you know with an acquired brain injury, please get in touch with us so we can talk about the ways we can help you and provide further information on our services.

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