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Epilepsy Support & Care in Essex

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects many lives in Essex. Whether you are a diagnosed individual or a family member, Butterfly’s can help support those with epilepsy in Essex.

In England, 9 in 1,000 people have epilepsy, therefore, with the current estimated population of 1.8 million people, Essex has an estimated 16,576 people with the condition.

Understanding Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterised by recurrent, unprovoked seizures.

Seizures are abnormal electrical discharges in the brain that can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including loss of consciousness, convulsions, altered awareness, and unusual behaviours. Epilepsy can have various causes, often requiring medical evaluation and treatment to manage and control the seizures.

Early signs of the condition include temporary confusion, unresponsive staring into space, stiff muscles, loss of consciousness or psychological symptoms like fear or anxiety. However, most medical professionals will not test for epilepsy without the individual experiencing a seizure.

How We Can Help

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals have proven track records of delivering detailed, high-quality support and enablement for individuals living with epilepsy. We provide flexible and customised care services designed to address a wide range of needs.

Butterfly’s Care Group can help you support yourself or your loved one, in particular with our professional in-home care service. We also support carers with our respite care service. The condition varies in severity with some individuals having one seizure a year to others experiencing several per day. We usually help the most severe cases with our services and provide a full assessment before an individual receives support from our care professionals.

Discuss the level of care you or your loved one requires with our team to discover how we can support you.

Support Services in Essex

Essex has several support groups to help individuals with epilepsy. These include:

  • Epilepsy Action - This charity arranges support groups for individuals with epilepsy to talk through their condition with others in similar situations. The current support group is hosted monthly in Chelmsford.

  • NELFT NHS Trust - Offering medical advice and support to adults living with epilepsy in Essex. The trust hosts two clinics, one at Mayflower Community Hospital and one at Brentwood Community Hospital on Thursdays between 8:30-12:00, as well as giving training and education to carers and staff caring for people with epilepsy.

Living with Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be a distressing condition for people living with it. An epileptic seizure can harm you and those around you, and if you witness a seizure for the first time as a loved one it can be a distressing experience. There are a number of steps you and your loved ones can take to manage the condition. With the right support and medication, individuals can reduce the frequency of seizures. These include:

  • Taking anti-epileptic drugs

  • Avoid seizure triggers

  • Regularly review your treatment

  • Setup your home to protect you from seizures

Professional Care and Support for Individuals with Epilepsy

Butterfly’s understands that epilepsy does not always take over an individual's life. Some people require more care than others, but caregivers are primarily there to support people during and after a seizure. Our services include:

For people with relatively frequent seizures, in-home care is an excellent option. If a seizure does occur our professional carers will be there to ensure the individual avoids potential dangers. Following a seizure your in-home carer will support your recovery.

Our dedicated and fully-trained caregivers offer a range of services. They can help with day-to-day tasks and if you are unable to drive they can help get groceries as well as reminders for medication. Our care packages are flexible and affordable, providing support for as little as 15 minutes a day up to 24 hours.

Butterfly’s Respite Care service is here to help primary caregivers take a break. As epilepsy is a condition that varies in severity, the most severe cases may have a full-time carer. Even for those with a less severe condition, there may be times when you or your loved one is more susceptible to a seizure. We can help provide respite for the primary care provider for you or your loved one from a day to a few hours.

The Butterfly’s Supported Living service operates out of two locations in Essex; Braintree and Colchester. This service is ideal for individuals with more severe epilepsy. It provides more support than an in-home caregiver gives but is for those who do not wish to reside in a care home.

Our Supported Living accommodation provides all the necessary support whilst preserving independence. Residents can live in a single occupancy or shared living arrangement, depending on individual preference.

Butterfly's operates four care homes located in Colchester, Braintree, Walton-on-the-Naze, and Alresford. These homes provide continuous care, making them an ideal choice for individuals with severe forms of epilepsy who require enhanced support. Our care homes offer a warm and welcoming environment, delivering exceptional care to all our residents. Each care plan is individualised to ensure the highest level of support and comfort.

Why Choose Butterfly’s as Your Care Provider?

We are incredibly proud of the level of care that our highly professional, family-run care group offers. Since 2004 we have been caring for, getting to know and learning from our clients. We offer:

  • A team of fully-trained carers.

  • Continuity of care from our local sites, so you will quickly become familiar with your local Butterfly’s carers. We never use agency carers as we know how important it is to see a friendly, familiar face!.

  • An online portal to allow families to feel part of their loved one’s care and have access to view care notes.

  • The freedom to talk to us and give us feedback. We value any suggestions that will improve our care packages even further.

Epilepsy Care in Essex

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